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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Professional Learning List 2016

There's limitless professional learning opportunities at our fingertips today as educators. Yet time is limited which is the perennial issue of prioritization that educators and frankly, people in all fields, face today. How do we best use our time to learn with regard to what makes a difference in education. I've done the best I can to discern that for the semester ahead and have come up with the following menu.

Mathematical Mindsets
In conjunction with a number of colleagues in my system and throughout the country, I'm going to read this book and study the content with others. Then we're going to determine how we will use this learning to update and impact the way we teach math so that students learn with understanding, interest, and depth.

Visual Literacy
As part of our system-wide unconference, I'll lead a conversation about visual literacy and the math classroom. I hope other educators will join me as I want to learn more about this very important learning path and potential.

Teacher Leadership Initiative
I continue to stay involved with the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) hosted by collaboration of Center for Teacher Quality (CTQ), National Education Association (NEA), Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

I continue to collaborate on the Teachers.Do platform, an educational share and discussion platform open to all educators at no cost.

I plan to attend ECET2, a teachers conference hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Education Foundation, in January. I look forward to learning a lot there as I collaborate with educators from across the country. I will focus much of my learning on math education.

WTA Board Member
As a new member of our local union, I am learning a lot about representing teachers as part of the union. There has been quite a curve in this regard with respect to learning and serving. I am really enjoying this learning and it is helping me to have a broader perspective on the profession as well as what we can do to help one another.

Read and Chat
I have a long list of books I've ordered and hope to read in the months ahead. That list, in part, is listed on this blog post. I also hope to continue my online share and learning via multiple Twitter cats including #edchat, #satchat, #elemmathchat, #edchatma, and more as time permits.

A weekly routine of analysis and response of learning design, daily lessons, and student work will fuel this learning journey for the most part with the goal in mind to teach children well.