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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Organizing the Math Classroom: Today's Start

Yesterday the homeroom students re-organized the room with our new furniture. It's a bit crowded, but overall the room looks good.

Today all the math students will rejoin the class and we'll focus on the math program for 2016.

First we'll discuss our goals as a community of math learners. I'll begin by asking, what do you think is important when it comes to teaching and learning math? Then we'll talk about what we can do to become "expert learners" in math.

After that we'll spend some time reviewing traditional division and multiplication algorithms. Our curriculum and the CCSS demands that students become proficient with traditional multiplication and any algorithm in division. Since we've practiced multiple algorithms to date, we'll now shift to efficient practice using the traditional algorithms.

Finally I'll pass back the late December computation assessments so students can make corrections and share their work with family members. I'll also pass out a home study packet for student practice.

In the days ahead we'll work to organize desks, math drawers, and materials to invigorate our math learning and share. Onward.