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Monday, January 18, 2016

Meeting Systemwide Expectations

Every system puts forth expectations for educators.

What are your systemwide expectations and how do you meet those expectations?

I try to create a pattern of effort each week that matches the expectations, the pattern, at this point, will include the following.

Read Aloud
In preparation for author Sharon Draper's visit, all the fifth grade classroom teachers are reading Out of My Mind aloud.

We're working to help our fifth grade readers continue to develop fluency, comprehension, and engagement with reading for two 45-minute periods per week with multiple groups and efforts.

Math RTI
Similarly we're employing RTI in math for two half hour periods a week to grow that skill.

Core Program
Each student has one-hour a day of core math instruction, ELAsocial studies, and science/reading.

Math Tech
From one-three times a week students engage in a math tech period where they use technology to practice math skill and concept.

Social Competency Skills
Every other week the school guidance counselor leads open circle meetings in each fifth grade classroom. During the week, teachers gather students as needed to discuss team social issues. Further we embed social competency learning into the curriculum. For example on February 12th we'll have a team day focused on the topic of character.

Students enjoy an active recess or two every day.

Students study music, art, technology, library, and physical education each week. During this time teachers work on planning and preparation work together and independently.

Field Studies and Special Events
On average we have one-three field studies/special events each month. These events include visits to local museums and nature preserves, visiting authors, STEAM and Theme Days, class celebrations, and cultural enrichment.

Professional Learning
Teachers engage in a number of professional learning activities each week. These activities range from coursework to independent study to collegial research and learning design.

Meetings and Paperwork
We regularly have meetings and complete paperwork related to the job expectations. At some times of year this work is more and other times less.

The overall expectation is that teachers manage and facilitate the program elements above with positivity, development, and success.