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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leading a Conversation

Who in your midst leads the best conversations?

As I think about this names like +Dan Callahan +Chris Lehmann +Pam Moran  come to mind. I've listened to them speak and noticed how the conversation grows from their words with enthusiasm, new ideas, sensitivity, and investment.

How do they lead these powerful conversations? What is it that they do to make learning meaningful and inspiring?

For starters, I identify the following:

  • They begin with a positive, inclusive vision.
  • They include humor, story, and heart.
  • They ask very good questions.
  • They bring tremendous experience and investment.
  • They listen and respond with care.
  • They stay focused on the people in the room and the conversation that develops.
  • They challenge the best of us.
  • They make us laugh.
  • They use images and powerful words.
When you've been apart of a powerful conversation, what attributes did you notice? What kept the conversation alive and memorable? How did you contribute in ways that forwarded the discussion?

I'm thinking a lot about this topic as I prepare for my system's first unconference and as I think about the professional learning conference I'll attend at the end of the week. Let me know what you think?