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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

How You Respond Matters?

There are those individuals that you work and live with and no matter what question you ask them they respond in a way that encourages good work, a positive attitude, and motivation. These people have the magic of knowing how to encourage individuals and move them forward to better work, effort, and attitude.

I think these people always respond with humanity first. They think I know I'm speaking to a person and in no way do I want to demean this person with a statement that lacks dignity or care. I believe these people see the person first.

Then there are individuals who always respond with words that demean or disempower, their words are harsh and lack dignity. For those people, it's possible that they experienced that kind of conversation and voice as children or during their early years as a student or employee.

Of course most of us fall somewhere on the continuum of awesome, motivating discussion and response to halting, diminishing speak.

Whenever I reach a point of reflection like this, I first feel some remorse. I think about the times I may have used speak that was less than positive or empowering, but then I realize, like all of us, I'm human, I'm learning, and the point of knowing always brings with it humility and then an urgency about moving forward to that more inspired place.

Hence, I'll focus on response today. I'll think about the ways that I can see the person first and acknowledge his/her eagerness to do what's right and serve well. Then we'll discuss the issues that we're grappling with in this somewhat complex world of teaching each child well.

(Next question, does the world of teaching/learning have to be that complex? Is the complexity we feel and experience warranted? What do you think?)