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Saturday, January 23, 2016

February - June 2016 Team Road Map

The journey continues.

Math is my focus instruction area. We learn math in a blended way that includes paper/pencil, technology, project base learning, video, interdisciplinary work, math talk, and more. 
  • Problem solving/Measurement
  • Geometry Review
  • Fractions
  • Assessment
  • More Problem Solving and Fractions
  • Coordinate Grids
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) Projects and Groups
STEAM activities allow students the opportunity to apply instruction to invention across multiple disciplines including science, technology, engineering, art, math, and language arts too. 
  • Continue to coordinate this instruction with colleagues and students
  • Continue to organize and work on STEAM Center
  • Continue to collect, organize, and learn to use multiple STEAM materials
Community Building
Everyone in our grade level team, students, families, colleagues, leaders, and citizens, profits from building and nurturing a strong teaching/learning community.
  • Attention to individual student and whole class/team needs
  • Student-centered program 
  • Slow it down to focus on details related to building a strong community
  • Focus on protocols and routines, update when needed
  • Regular team meetings and meetings as needed
  • Reorganize the room (again)
Share wonderful books and discussion about those books with students. 
  • Regular read aloud
  • Regular reading instruction with Response to Intervention Groups (RTI)
Standardized Tests
Teachers and students are rated, in part, with standardized tests. It is expected that we will prepare students well for these tests.
  • 3 ELA PARCC Tests
  • 4 Math PARCC Tests
  • 2 System-wide Math Tests
  • 2 Science MCAS Tests
Special Events
Special events allow students to learn in new ways and places. These events also provide students with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field. These events give everyone something special to look forward to and prepare for. 
  • Character Theme Day
  • Preparation for STEAM Theme Days
  • Preparation for upcoming Team Field Studies: Astronomy, African American History, Naturalist Study, Freedom Trail
  • Preparation for Special Events: Author Visits, Matter Presentation, Origami Expert, Living History Presentation
  • Support Fifth Grade Play Leader, Practices, and Performance
  • Field Day Support
  • High School Volunteer Day Facilitation for Fifth Grade Activity
  • TeamFive Day Celebration