Sunday, December 27, 2015

What's Your Goal?

Godin reminds us that we don't need lots of ideas to achieve success in his recent post, One Big Idea. Which leads me to ask, What's your big idea for 2016? How will you narrow down all your interests and pursuits into one overarching direction, a direction that's meaningful and productive?

Since I like to entertain lots and lots of ideas, this is a challenge for me. I like to wander the field of ideas stopping to consider this one and that yet I also like that deep sense of growth and accomplishment that comes from investing significant time and attention into a few good ideas. Hence as I navigate 2016, I'll focus on the following:

Math Education
I will deeply invest myself into this study this year by reading a lot, attending conferences, writing, organizing the math classroom, carefully assessing and designing learning with and for students, and, perhaps, organizing all this information in a short book for educators and parents.

Shared Teaching Model
I'm going to recommit to this wonderful model we're using this year. First I'll read Lehmann's Book, Building School 2.0, with the lens of how the wonderful work at Science Leadership Academy can inform and help develop our current model of shared teaching and learning. I'll also catch up with CTQ, NEA/MTA Teacher Leadership course in this regard. Further, I want to read articles about shared teaching and developing a vibrant student-centered learning community.

Health and Happiness 
In order to reach these goals, it's imperative that I also focus on health and happiness by not crowding the schedule, staying active, and spending time with family and friends.

There's multiple other directions that I could follow at this time, but from now until June I'll make the focus above the main objectives, then I'll reconsider my direction once again in June. Onward.