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Friday, December 04, 2015

Teaching in 2016

What will the new year of teaching and learning bring?

Since the planning for December is just about complete, it's time to set the stage for teaching and learning in the new year. Early planning and preparation will give me time to enjoy friends and families when the holiday vacation arrives.

Field Studies and Special Events
Our grade-level has a number of field studies and special events planned for the new year. There's some leg work to do over the vacation with regard to the specific plans, resources, and supplies to make these experiences successful.

Professional Learning
Unfortunately my plans to attend Educon were changed when an earlier commitment with Teachers.Do chose that same weekend for their conference. Hence, I'll attend the Teachers.Do professional learning event and follow Educon online via Twitter.

Teachers.Do and the NEA/MTA Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) will make-up a large portion of my professional learning time as I collect and add wonderful teaching/learning resources and ideas from Teachers.Do and continue to study and develop my role as part of a 5th grade shared teaching model for the TLI capstone.

Finally, and most importantly, I'll continue to invest time and effort into growing math and STEAM teaching efforts and endeavor in the new year.

I continue to work at organizing the zillion STEAM supplies I have tucked in and around the STEAM Center. It's a messy, but helpful, collection of recyclables, art supplies, building materials, and more. I also want to continue to organize the many math materials and manipulatives I have for easy access. This is always a work in progress.

I serve on our local Union's board. I'm learning a lot about the way that board works to support optimal work conditions, a fair salary scale, and teacher support so that we can do our jobs well.

The new year will find us continuing to update showcase portfolios, completing student report cards, and coaching each student well. We will think as a team about our grading procedures with respect to our standards-based reports and regular assessment work.

The new year will begin a strong focus on fractions as well as a continued focus on algebraic thinking, patterns, problem solving, and math model making.

I'm sure there will be more to add, but this is a good start for the teaching/learning year ahead.