Saturday, December 12, 2015

Teacher as Treasure Seeker: Quality over Quantity

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In the back of my mind I've been wondering what to do amidst all the viable resources for teaching and learning today. Tonight it occurred to me that I have to think of myself as a treasure seeker who keeps only the most precious books, articles, artifacts, manipulatives, tools, and resources.

What does this treasure seeking mindset mean for my work and efforts?

First it means that I'll rid my cabinets, closets, shelves, calendar, and schedule of objects and events that aren't treasures or necessary items. There's so many wonderful tools, resources, and events today that I don't need to fill the schedule or clutter the room with those that are no longer rich or useful.

Next it means that I'll be more discerning than ever about where I spend my professional time and what objects of my craft I'll use. I want my students to have the best that I can offer, and that means choosing quality over quantity with regard to how we spend our time together and the kinds of projects and efforts we embark on.

As a treasure seeker I'll keep my eyes and ears open via collaborative meetings, Twitter, Teachers.Do, blogs, books, educational events, and other medium as well as real time places and events outside of education so that I can continue to enrich and cull my collection and craft.

I like the notion of teacher as treasure seeker and sharer. That's a good forward focus for now.