Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I Wish. . .

. . .I had one full unencumbered day in the classroom during the work week. If I had that whole day, I'd do the following:
  • Rearrange all the supplies, paperwork, and materials for the classes I now know not the class I thought I knew in August.
  • Empty and prepare the room for the new furniture that will be delivered during the holiday break.
  • Organize and prep materials for the upcoming new units after vacation.
  • Look through the couple of supply closets that I have for the books and materials I'll use for the upcoming units.
But, I don't have that full day so I'm hoping I'll wake up some morning at 4am with a burst of energy or end the day with an extra four-five hours of time to do this work before the holiday starts.

If you had one school wish, what would you wish for?

If you had one whole day to prepare and prep, what would you do?

I'm curious.