Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year Homeroom Day!

We may use this Learning Goals Sheet on the first day back. 

TeamFive will celebrate the new year with a homeroom day on the first day back to school on January 4, 2016.

The day will consist of the following:

Room Set-Up
When we arrive back we're supposed to have new desks and chairs so we'll likely start the day with setting up the room.

What do You Need, Want, and Desire?
This is a conversation that I have regularly with the students and we'll begin the new year with this discussion. I'll reach out to students with the discussion above to learn about where they are at and what I can do to teach them well.

We'll make time for a good recess and time for students to catch up with one another after the holiday break.

Portfolios and Goal Setting
Students will revisit their portfolios. Complete reflections, and add a new year's goal sheet about what they'd like to achieve in the days ahead.

There will be time for every child to choose and read a book of choice.

Two Facts and One Fiction
To share our holiday events, we may play Two Facts and One Fiction where a child writes three statements about his/her holiday and students have to guess which one is not true. For example I could write the following:
  • I ate in a fancy seaside restaurant with my sons and husband on Christmas Eve.
  • I got a shiny black motorcycle for a holiday present from my husband. 
  • On a gray day after Christmas I took a walk around an old scruffy, cranberry bog with my sister and her dog, Sadie.
It's probably fairly easy to note which is fiction for me, but for the children, it may not be so easy.

Policies and Protocols
We'll discuss what it means to be a good class/school citizen. We'll list behaviors that help us to be a strong, helpful, and kind classroom and grade-level community. We'll talk about ways that we can help one another reach those goals and perhaps even make some posters to remind ourselves of our collective expectations for the days ahead.

Newsletter, Website, Homework, and More
I'll review a number of organizational details with students.

All in all the first day back to school will set the stage for a second successful semester of learning and collaboration. One I'm looking forward to.