Wednesday, December 23, 2015


As I sit by the bright lights on the tree and in the window tonight, I'm so grateful for all the care I've received in the past year--care from students, families, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. It's been an incredible year of growth both in the classroom and outside of it. I am so touched by the power and promise education holds for our children, our lives, and our world.

Recently I received a generous donor's choose donation for an activity I was involved in. Then at a meeting a product was discussed that would help a child in our class. I used the donor's choose donation to request the donation. Today I found out that a generous donor from New York who once lived in my home town donated the remaining amount for the product. It was a generous and kind donation, one that will empower all students and in particular a very special student that I teach.

Then today the children brought cards and gifts. They were bright eyed and proud as they showed me their cards, homemade gifts, and wrapped presents. It was such a precious moment for me to receive such acts of grace and kindness.

Now with the 2015 school year at its end and time to celebrate the wonderful holiday with friends and family, I am filled with gratitude for all who have lent a hand, inspired me, and showed kindness. It has been a wonderful year all in all and I thank you for the part you played. Blessings.