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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Charting the 2016 Course

As we end 2015 I realize that it's been a fall of new initiatives and change. This novelty has pushed my practice in wonderful directions and created exciting change. This change has pushed up against old practice, efforts, and think creating some disruptions as well. Some of the new initiatives such as teaching at the University will subside during the next semester, and others such as our new shared teaching model, the Teacher Leadership Initiative, a concerted math education focus, and my efforts as a contributor at Teachers.Do will continue.

What does that mean for the 2016 Winter/Spring Teaching Chapter?

First there will be a welcome reprieve in a short time when the holiday break begins. I'm ready to put the school books down for a bit to enjoy family and friends as well as get some needed rest.

Response, RTI, and Report Cards
I'll make some time before returning to school to review student final computation exams and update data sheets in order to make new math RTI groups with the team. I'll also review the report cards and perhaps begin marking the areas I have data for.

Curriculum Plans
I'll review and prep the upcoming measurement, fractions, algebraic thinking, and problem solving units. I'll also review our STEAM initiatives.

Field Trips
I'll call to find out about payment dates and other pertinent information related to a few field studies we have planned for March and June.

Capstone Project
For the capstone project related to shared teaching, I have a number of books and articles to read and analyze as well as more writing to do.

There's paperwork to fill out for the January conference I'm planning to attend.

It's been a great fall. The students have been happy and the program has been very successful. Now it's clearly a time to clean up, get organized, and reset the path once again for successful second half beginning in January.