Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I spent the day nursing my son who is recovering from surgery and reading university students' blog posts. The university students offered me lots of advice and led me to wonderful resources and ideas. Their collective effort was wonderful. As I think about teaching the courses, I recognize that it was a lot of work, but it also led to substantial learning. As they say, to teach something is to learn it best.

Tomorrow I look forward to returning to my students and the classroom. Each time I venture from the classroom sphere, I find that I return with renewed energy and commitment. Yes, I like being a classroom teacher and I love what young children bring to my life.

So tomorrow we'll continue our division path as we finally complete that "holiday tips" project that's been planned for days. At the start of the weekend I'll wrap up the university course, and then a few more days of teaching and the welcome reprieve of the holiday break. Onward.