Friday, December 25, 2015

All I Want for Christmas. . .

Years ago when my children became older, our family switched back to the holiday tradition of the French side of my husband's family by opening our gifts late in the evening on Christmas Eve. By the lights of the tree and in the window we gather and share gifts for one another. That means the morning is peaceful and quiet making time for reflection before later celebrations with our extended family.

As I sit here by empty, colorful boxes and bunched up wrapping paper, I'm thinking already about the year ahead and where I hope it will go.

During the year ahead I want to support my family members' pursuits which are essentially to deepen their knowledge and skill in the areas that they study and work. A fairly quiet schedule, healthy food, and positivity will help in that regard.

I also hope for more special family times, times when our loved ones get together to do what we all love to do and to celebrate milestones, holidays, and other special events. Common denominators that bring our family together include days at the beach, hikes in the country, delicious meals, and exploration of new cities, museums, islands, and parks.

With regard to my work as an educator, I plan to focus my attention mainly in the areas of math education and teacher leadership. I want to continue to develop the skills of a proactive teacher leader and I want to study, synthesize, and apply the bountiful research that exists with regard to math education. Those are positive, actionable goals for which I have significant support from my online PLN including Tuesday night #edchats and Saturday morning #satchat. Also, membership and participation with the NEA, NBPTS, NCTM, MTA, CTQ, ECET2 further support my educator development and contribution. In addition, I work with a dynamic, diverse team of educators every day who positively challenge and support my efforts to learn and teach well.

I hope to be more creative in the year ahead too. I enjoy creating by writing, drawing, making, designing, and planning.

Above all I want to respond to 2016 in positive ways that contribute to a better world for all. I sit here this Christmas morning grateful to be apart of a loving and kind family and community, and I want to look for ways to extend that gratitude in ways that matter.

All I want for Christmas this year is a spirit of friendship, truth, kindness, and care.