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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Teaching Place Value in Math: The Details Matter

Today's math class will not be an exciting class, but instead today we'll focus on practice and details as students solidify their knowledge with regard to writing large numbers in many ways. This kind of work takes precision, attention to detail, and even some spacial reasoning as students fit in all the digits or words depending if they're writing the number name, base ten numeral form, expanded form, expanded notation, or the bonus for the grade level, scientific notation.

Students will work with population numbers related to the world, country, state, city, town, school system, school, and classroom. Numbers that will provide them with some context for where they live.

Tomorrow we'll review rounding using the same numbers and we'll practice that concept using the numbers that relate to major land and water forms. Then we'll travel into space as we write numbers with decimals and later round those numbers to help everyone understand the relative distance of one planet with another.

There's lots of important details with regard to building a strong math foundation and that will be the focus for the next few days. Onward.