Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rallying the Team

A teacher is a cheerleader cheering students, colleagues, and family members on with regard to learning. The best lessons and experiences are intrinsically rewarding and motivating, but not all learning falls into that category. Some learning requires practice that may not be one's first choice. Other learning requires a bit of messiness, noise, and energy that's not as organized as other learning events. Then there's the learning that requires a bit of stretch, the kind that's not all that comfortable.

I'm always trying to find that just right level of "productive struggle" with my own learning and the learning for my students. I like to take advantage of the great tools out there and encourage students to try them out and use them for their learning. Some are eager and ready for this, and others are not. That's okay. What's important is that students advocate for what they need, and I respond accordingly.

There's amazing opportunity out there when it comes to learning, but that opportunity has to be met with readiness, confidence, and an open mind. There's a right way to approach the learning, and that right way will differ from child to child. I'll continue to listen as I rally the team.