Saturday, November 21, 2015

Professional Practice: Focus Your Efforts

As teacher friends and I talked last night, we concluded that it's best to focus your attention and efforts in order to contribute well to the learning/teaching community.

Currently I'm invested in the new model we've embedded at fifth grade. The TLI effort is prompting me to look deeply at this model with research and study. The fifth grade team is committed to this work and the principal is championing the effort. Specifically, the efforts to continue to strengthen this model include the following:
  • Continued collaboration with the teaching/learning team.
  • Research and reading.
  • Specific, strong work related to my part of the model which includes RTI Math, RTI ELA, The STEAM Center, and the math teaching/learning core program.
This is a strong focus for the new year. As I think of this focus, I'll engage in the following efforts:
  • Continued week-to-week efforts to present a strong multimodal, blended math program to all fifth grade students.
  • Read Lehmann and Chase's Building School 2.0 and apply the learning to our new model prior to the meeting in December.
  • Continued effort to meet the expectations of the TLI work.
  • Meeting with colleagues and the principal to review and build the model in December.
  • Focus the Educon 2.8 learning and presentation on how to empower, engage, and educate students well across discipline and specifically with regard to mathematics.