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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Learning Progressions: Implications for Math Learning and Teaching

If a child in fourth grade scores at a second grade level should you start the teaching at second grade or move the child up to fourth grade expectations? Can students who are behind grow two or more years in knowledge, concept, and skill with traditional grade-level programs, or is it time we started looking at math learning and teaching differently.

I believe that every child that is significantly behind in math teaching/learning should receive a five-day a week developmental math program in a small group setting with a highly qualified math teacher. The program would start where the child is and day-by-day build up skill, concept, and knowledge in positive, engaging, relevant, and meaningful ways.

I believe that staff can be shifted to support his approach and I think that we'll gain wonderful success with programs like this. Programs like these don't mean that children won't learn with age similar peers, but instead these students would get a strong developmental program in addition to some whole class teaching and learning in the subject area.

I am going to explore this idea more in the days to come because I believe it holds merit for helping students who struggle with learning math.