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Monday, November 09, 2015

Growing Schools

Our schools have grown well in the past many years, and I look forward to further growth. What are the elements I seek to strengthen and foster?

Learning in 3D
This article reminded me that we need to include lots of 3D learning in our curriculum today.

Rather than a text book, every child needs a terrific tech device with wifi. The Internet is the number one resource for learning and teaching, and all students need access to that.

Every child needs to learn in and about nature.

It's all about growing students, not controlling them.

PLCs, RTI, shared leadership models, time for collaboration and creativity will build team--team will build good schools.

Spend Money on Things that Matter
Carefully look at where money is spent, and make sure its spent on initiatives, tools, resources, and efforts that make a difference.

Streamline Testing
Some testing is good, but make sure you're streamlining that testing and that the money spent on testing is worth it.

New Schools
Take down the factory walls and build school environments with structure, roles, and schedules that match the way students learn and live best.

Professional Learning
Update all professional learning efforts so that they make a difference. No more "one size fits all" learning for teachers or students for the most part.

Go Green
I still have to work on this, but there's much we can do to make our learning organizations green environments.

Work to make sure that students' learning is meaningful and relevant.

This is the start to a bigger list, but it's important to consider where our schools are going and where we place priority in that regard. What would you add, take away, or revise?