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Friday, November 06, 2015

Good Process Requires Regular, Proactive Communication

Where communication is sparse, irregular, and without process, it's likely that good process suffers. When communication is regular, proactive, and targeted, typically process benefits. When process benefits and works well, our programs evolve in ways that matter. How do we support positive, proactive communication.
  • Give important considerations the time and attention they deserve. Don't entertain important issues on the fly, but instead make time for those discussions.
  • Make sure that you support structures of regular, proactive communication at intervals that matter. It seems like many deny and don't support this need, and, in part, this is one reason why good process wanes.
  • Respond to requests positive and not so positive--don't ignore questions, issues, and concerns. By ignoring issues, you contribute to making those issues bigger and more problematic.
  • Look ahead and structure meetings and communication protocols to support long term change and growth.