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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Goals and Commitment

What's your overarching goal(s)?

How much time and attention do you give that goal?

Is this a goal in name only or a goal that you are truly committed to?

What does your practice reveal about your efforts to reach that goal?

How do you inform the goal?

How do you communicate the goal's accomplishments, and how do you seek help for the goal's challenges?

Does anyone support you with regard to this goal?

Most of us make goals, but sometimes the goals we make don't reflect our action, beliefs, commitment, or time.

It's best when our goals truly match who we are and what we want to accomplish?

My overarching goal this year is to teach approximately seventy 5th graders well with regard to math. It's a goal I care a lot about and am eager to meet. It's a goal that will profit from the following efforts:
  • daily practice
  • student response
  • regular informal and formal assessment
  • engaging learning efforts and activities
  • more learning via Google's Computational Thinking course, reading, writing, and research
  • support from others with a similar goal, others from school, district, State, and national levels
  • membership at NCTM
There's lots to do to achieve this goal. I'm enthusiastic about the work to come.