Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Applying New Ideas to an Existing Situation

I started reading Building School 2.0 without a clear focus so I'll start again with a clear focus, one associated with my Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) capstone project, Shared Teaching Model, in mind. As I read Lehmann and Chase's synopsis of the terrific decisions, practice, and plans related to Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy's success and Lehmann and Chase's research and experience, I'll keep a list of ideas we currently employ with our shared teaching model, and practice that we can work to employ in the future as we continue to build the model. Ideally it would be great to do this work prior to our December 21st meeting when we meet to discuss the model's strengths and future needs. Let's see if I can find the time before that date.

Further I want to do a literature search related to shared teaching models to identify research done related to models similar to ours and perhaps models that differ from what we are doing in order to gain greater understanding of the potential shared teaching holds for dynamic, positive student learning and teaching.

I'll continue to share these efforts with my grade-level colleagues who are similarly invested in the growth and promise our current model holds. Reading and research profit from having a good plan in mind.