Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Teacher Who Cares Is A Gift to All of Us

I've been struck by the deep care a teacher in my midst is bringing to her students. I've been watching this teacher closely and I'm learning a lot.

What have I noticed?

This teacher always has a smile on her face. She eagerly greets children and gently invites them into the learning.

This teacher takes the learning and adapts it to her learners readily and sensitively. She's not quick to criticize, but instead she's ready to positively make change to support her learners.

This teacher reaches out to me and other colleagues to keep the positive conversation going about how we can best teach students.

This teacher continually reaches out to families in a proactive way making suggestions and providing support to help students learn.

This teacher quietly works with the entire learning team continually helping all of us work together to best support each child.

The questions she asks, the work that she does, and outreach she initiates continually sends the message that she cares about all of us, her students, her colleagues, and the families she works with.

What a gift to work with a teacher like this.