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Monday, October 05, 2015

You Can't Do It All

Not unlike many teachers, I really like to create good learning. I don't mind doing extra work to make exciting learning opportunities happen for students. Yet, I'm human too and I can only stretch so far and take so many put downs trying to do good work. I'm so defeated tonight. I spent about twenty hours researching and preparing a grant for a local foundation--a grant that was supported in a large part by an outside agency's funding and efforts. The grant included a large number of naturalist materials to help students develop a deeper understanding of their natural environment. Unfortunately due to the fact that I made a few errors on the grant with regard to exact wording related to standards, the grant has to be rewritten. I'm so exhausted at this moment and have so much to do to teach well, and the grant is due in a few days that I just can't go the extra step. Hence the time spent on the grant is time spent in vain. The grant people wonder why more teachers don't write grants--this is one example why. Some of us simply don't have the time to be as perfect as expected. Onward.

Grant Post One
Grant Post Two 

Thanks to the kind support of a helpful leader we were able to complete the grant and send it forward. A good ending to a troubling situation.