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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Use of the Venn Diagram Supports Deep Math Talk

Math teachers have used the Venn diagram for a long time to teach math well, and still that simple structure supports deep, thoughtful math work and discussion.

As we examine landmark numbers, students are thinking deeply about the language and properties related to the numbers 0-10. Today they used the Venn diagram to compare numbers four and five. For as long as twenty minutes, they worked in small groups and partners to complete the chart. Later we shared our thinking and understanding.

We're also using coordinate grids to examine these basic numbers and their multiples. It's a good way to introduce the coordinate grid, coordinates, algebraic expressions, and the concept of relationship between one group of numbers and another.

What's very exciting about this from a teaching point of view is that there's a place in these open ended discussions for math students at all ability levels.

As the year moves forward we have many other resources and structures to introduce and use repeatedly. Most importantly will be our use of the number line, tables, many models, and more.