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Thursday, October 01, 2015

There's Great Value in Caring for Those Around Us

I heard a couple of stories that struck home recently. One was about an individual disregarded, and the other was about an individual who took a courageous stand for human welfare and rights.

First, we can't disregard those around us. Instead we have to do what we can to build a strong culture to serve children well.

Next, we have to stand up for what is right and good, and we cannot allow ourselves to be shamed if we don't understand or ask questions. There's a lot to learn in this world, and if we don't understand, it's important that we find out.

Too often people are quick to rush by the important discussion, topics, and depth needed to do a good job, serve others well, and make meaningful change. Too often people are content with doing things the way they've always been done even if it means that someone or something is left out or worse, disregarded.

As a people we hold so much promise for good work, and as we seek and create those paths we have to be deeply mindful of each other and the gifts that each of us bring.