Friday, October 30, 2015

More Scores: Conditions for Excellence

More scores trickled in during the past few days which gave me a better chance to assess last year's teaching and learning. To a large degree our collective program and activities are working. This is good news.

My goal last year was to teach well and get good scores too, and that happened to a large degree. Also I need to mention that these scores weren't all about me because at our school we have the following awesome attributes:
  • terrific tech access and programs (yes, I always want more and better, but we do have very good resources)
  • committed and skilled parents, educators, and students
  • access to basic needs and multiple academic/enrichment resources, opportunities, and experiences
  • adequate facilities
  • some time to collaborate (yes, I'd still like more)
  • boost programs that occur after school and during the summer
  • response to intervention
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
In summary, we mostly have the conditions for excellence in our school system due to a large number of factors in and outside of school. These are the conditions that good teachers want for every student in every school everywhere.

The reason I am most happy about the good scores is because it will allow me the freedom to continue to deepen my teaching in ways that matter, ways that aren't all about scores, but instead about teaching to and with the whole child