Saturday, October 24, 2015

MCAS 2.0?

My first reaction when I heard about the MCAS 2.0 idea was, "Another change!" Yet as I considered the thought more I was a bit more positive for the following reasons:
  • I agree that MCAS "has reached a point of diminishing returns" as stated in this week's DESE update.
  • I like the depth the PARCC test requires and I like the fact that PARCC is online.
  • I continue to be a fan of streamlined standardized testing which means an efficient testing process that serves as one part of the overall education effort.
  • I'd like to find a less costly solution and use the money saved to provide a high quality tech device for every child in Massachusetts.
  • MCAS 2.0 might not represent the monopoly that PARCC and Pearson seem to be (this is not my area of expertise but it seems like this is a problem).
It's clear that the education landscape will continue to evolve. There will be change after change. Overall I've been a fan of much of what Massachusetts has done for schools and school children. I'm also an active Union member who believes that empowered educators who have what they need to teach well will serve Massachusetts' students well.

It seems like the idea of MCAS 2.0 will be an idea that will sit well with many since it's a compromise of sorts and evidence of moving ahead. So for now we'll just have to sit tight because if this change is made that will mean many steps of change ahead, steps similar to the adoption of MCAS so long ago. Time will tell.