Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Math Reflection Day: Showcase Portfolios

Teachers who promote reflective classrooms ensure that students are fully engaged in the process of making meaning. They organize instruction so that students are the producers, not just the consumers, of knowledge. To best guide children in the habits of reflection, these teachers approach their role as that of "facilitator of meaning making."
                                                                              From Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind by Costa and Kallick

Today students will choose examples of their best math work so far and reflect on their performance. They will use a reflection guide that leads them through reflecting on their efforts relative to the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP), their work examples, and their online study reports.

Next week teachers will share students' showcase portfolios which include student reflections and work examples from all subjects with family members as we discuss each child's progress so far and needs. Many teachers include the child in this discussion, but for the first family meeting we are meeting with parents only. It's likely that we'll include the children in the second meeting that occurs at the midyear point.

I look forward to assisting children with today's reflection start. On Friday children will have most of the school day to complete their reflections for each subject, create covers/dividers, and write an overall start-of-the-year reflection. Last year these showcase portfolios really helped family members, students, and teachers set goals and support a strong teaching/learning program for each child.