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Monday, October 05, 2015

Keeping Track of Time on Task

There's no doubt about it that quality time on task makes a positive difference for students. The best way to foster that time on task is to plan and prepare learning experiences well. Now that we're passing the introductory phase of the year and getting into the year's teaching, it's time to make sure that time on task happens.

What does time on task look like?

Time on task has the following attributes:

  • well-planned lessons
  • prepared materials
  • full focus on the students
  • time for individual, small group, and large group teaching
  • well differentiated tasks carried out by all educators in the room
I created a week's lesson chart that shared the learning details for the week. I shared that chart with collaborating educators.

I'll keep track of the efforts this week. Where did the schedule work and where do we need to revise for better effect. The teaching takes off.