Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Musings: Last Friday in October 2015

The parent conferences are serving to solidify our team as we work together, parents and teachers, to coach each child forward.

There's a few conferences left in the week ahead, and then it will be time to embed the goals and efforts we discussed.

The week ahead will likely be a less busy and more targeted week than the past week including the following emphases:

Place Value Unit/Space Unit
We'll use lots of space numbers as we study and practice place value knowledge, concept, and skill.

The Lightning Thief
Our book group will dig in as we discuss our reading of this book.

Online Math
I'll spend some time organizing students' priorities with regard to their math needs and our many, targeted online math resources.

Math RTI
I'll introduce this practice to students and we'll all split up into groups to learn, practice, and enrich skill with regard to large number computation.

Faculty Meeting
Safety will be the focus of this week's meeting.

I imagine we'll discuss multiple topics as we work to support educators in our system.

It will be good to get back to this work.

I'll catch up on the university students' blogs and work with students to study the use of rubrics with regard to assessing problem solving, creating data charts, and using data to inform study. We'll also look at learning progressions related to specific math concepts and topics.

Homework/Organization Patterns
At fifth grade we'll focus on our organization patterns and homework routines too.

A busy week to come. Now it's time for family, friends, and the weekend :)