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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Finding the Best Paths

For years now I've been working on finding the best paths of support and collegiality in teaching. I have definitely found a large group of dedicated, committed educators who really care a lot about teaching and learning. I have also hit a lot of dead ends when it comes to doing my work well. These dead ends can serve to truly diminish your spirit, effort, and care.

Recently I hit a couple of dead ends again. These are paths I've traveled countless times only to find that those paths end in tremendous frustration. Last night in thinking about those paths, I realized that I'm a fool to continue down those roads again and again and again. So for now I'll take a leave of those paths and focus on the paths that have been forthcoming, helpful, growth producing, and strong.

What are the paths of promise and support in education?

Grade-Level Team
There are many dedicated teachers on my grade-level team. They care a lot about children and work carefully day after day to serve children well. This is a fruitful path of collegiality.

I have a dynamic PLN who readily share, discuss, and debate new ideas with me. This provides tremendous growth that helps me to teach well.

The university work provides a positive challenge that dovetails well with my teaching/learning efforts.

Families and Students
The families and students in my school community are dedicated to good teaching and learning.

Some leaders reach out to help, support, and work with us to teach well.

As far as the paths and naysayers that create obstacles to good work, energy, and effort, I have to learn how to either navigate or avoid those paths of teaching and learning. I have tried countless ways to use my values of transparency, honesty, hard work, and care to forge those paths, but still they lead me to places I don't want to go or to places that obstruct my paths.