Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Facts and Good Work

It's important to know the facts of a situation. That's why I'm a fan of transparent, regular communication. When communication is sparse there's potential that the facts that matter get lost and then all kinds of conjecture and possible untruths arise.

A long time ago there was a child in my class that I thought might be stealing money and trinkets from other children. I had no proof. Then about $80 in book money went missing from my desk. Immediately I wondered if it was this child. I consulted a colleague who gave me wise advice which was unless you see someone doing something wrong, never make an accusation. I followed her advice and let it go. Then at the end of the year when I was cleaning out my desk, I found the $80. behind a heavy bottom drawer. I was so happy that I never accused the child. I notified families and returned the money.

This is a good lesson and story that I often share with children as they want to accuse each other when things go wrong. It's a good lesson for adults too. Thankfully we have agencies and individuals in charge of finding the facts, promoting the law, and investigating the truth. It's important to reach out to these people if needed, and it's also important to ask questions and support one another as we use the facts to forward our good work and effort.

Further, I continue to notice that so many times when people err, others are there to help out, but they don't. So often in the news, the bad news could have been prevented if others stepped in, spoke up, got help, and stopped the perpetrator of the misdemeanor, crime, violence, or dangerous act. We need to be there for each other to help each other to do the right thing and promote positive activity and effort. This is important when it comes to the facts and efforts that move us forward with strength, good will, and positive activity.