Friday, October 23, 2015

Empower or Defeat?

Leaders choose many paths to follow as they lead those in their ranks.

Some choose to empower, and others choose to defeat.

I hope that I can develop into a leader that empowers rather than defeats. I hope that I can work to become a leader that looks for the strengths of the children I teach and people I work with to empower their actions and work in forward thinking, positive ways.

If you've ever worked with or for a person who defeats, you know what a dehumanizing, frustrating, and painful experience that is. Yet, I'm sure there are times that we've all led forward in ways that weren't as positive and proactive as we wished.

School life can be very difficult if you're someone who enjoys thinking, creating, and problem solving. So often schools seem to be places where following is much more valued than thinking or leading with your best skill, knowledge, talent, and ability. It's days like this that make me question whether I should promote the field to others.