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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Edcamp Malden

I'm about 19 minutes distance and one hour's time away from edcamp Malden. I had hoped to attend this event last year, but family needs prevented that. Now I'm on my way. It's been about six months since I attended an edcamp, and I'm looking forward to the shot of adrenaline, new learning, and collegiality that an edcamp brings.

What will I learn today and what will I share? I always like to think about that prior to the start of an edcamp because once the exchange starts there's hardly a minute to think deeply since there's lots of share, exchange, new ideas, and people to meet.

I'll have my eyes peeled for the following:
  • Topics for which I have something to offer
  • Discussions about math teaching and learning
  • 3D printer talk and efforts
  • Big picture ideas and problem solving
I don't know what to expect in terms of size of the event or locale, but I do know that I can expect a good day of learning. Onward.