Friday, September 18, 2015

The Next President

I watched a part of the Republican debate this week.

I really enjoyed hearing Rand Paul standing up to Trump's degrading comments with his comment that suggested he hadn't heard such comments since junior high. I also liked Paul's emphasis on peace.

I also liked when Carly Fiorina responded to the question about Trump's comments related to her looks. I liked the way she talked about a women recognized on currency too. She has the right idea when it comes to not seeing women as a special interest.

I liked Rubio's comment about the president-elect being ready and able to serve from day one with all the knowledge necessary to do the job.

And, I liked the way Carson used data to discount part of Trump's discussion about vaccinations.

Though I typically politically disagree with Christie, I have to admit I make a personal connection with him on some level.

And did I see Trump blush with embarrassment or am I imagining that?

All of the candidates elect are bright. It takes strength to stand up and speak in front of millions. As a Democrat, who voted Republican once in my 56 years, I listened carefully. I'm open minded, but I want what's best for most people, and I know the Republicans are weak when it comes to health care for all, human rights, public education, and other matters that matter to most people.

Yet, there's so much more for me to learn when it comes to choosing who to vote for.  What kind of  President do I want?

First, I want a President who knows what today's people are like--what they want, what they endure, and what they need to live happy, peaceful, successful lives. Many candidates represent an old America, one that doesn't exist anymore. Many candidates use too many sound bites and don't reflect data about who the real America is.

Next, I want a President that is going to contribute to and work towards a peaceful global society. There's no doubt about it that we rely on one another throughout the Globe. We have to move towards greater equilibrium, peace, collaboration, harmony. The next President has to surround herself/himself with experts and experience--people who know what it takes to move towards peace.

Also, I want a President that puts the human condition first, a person who seeks to find creative solutions to problems.

I want a President who doesn't owe a lot of people--someone who is free to do what is right, not what he/she is beholding to do.

I want a President who is bright, intelligent, brave, committed, and kind.

I'm listening. I do believe tremendous potential for good and positivity exists in our world. I work with children every day and I see the promise of the future in their bright, energetic, and optimistic eyes.

I hope everyone will take this election seriously. I hope everyone will think for themselves and vote for the kind of person that represents a stronger, brighter, more promising USA. We need someone who is willing to listen, reach, collaborate, and develop--a person willing to embrace the positive action of the past and forward the promise of the future. Who will that person be?