Saturday, September 26, 2015

Program Development: Direct or Build Together?

As programs develop and evolve do they take on a direction of directives or a direction of building together? Is one better than the other?

If a program is built on directives, what does that look like? How does that impact investment and growth?

If a program is built collaboratively, does the program include all the components necessary to achieve success? What is investment like?

Is directive driven programming more often the choice due to time and money rather than affect? Or perhaps collaborative program development is chosen due to lack of directives?

How do you develop programs where you teach and learn? Do your programs lean in the direction of directive-driven development or collaborative development? How do the way your programs develop and evolve affect the way those programs are delivered and the end effect?

Program development and evolution matters in every learning/teaching organization, and the I suspect that the way those programs develop and evolve affect results. What do you think about this?