Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No More Impromptu Deep Hallway Conversations

Due to limited time for collegial conversation at schools, sometimes big, deep questions are posed when two teacher pass each other in the hallway.

These big questions are usually prompted by an event that just occurred, an event that creates a need for a teacher to express what they are feeling, thinking, or questioning.

Yet, every time I entertain a deep, important issue on the fly, I regret it. If I'm running to the xerox machine to make an extra copy with two minutes between one class and the next or if I'm running elsewhere to take care of a quick need, I don't have the time to thoughtfully entertain an issue of importance.

Therefore, I'll say it to myself and anyone else that is listening, the best response to a deep question, thought, or feeling conveyed on the fly is this:

"Thank you for sharing this, when I have some good time to think carefully about it, I'll get back to you."

Then jot down the issue, and make time to think on your own, meet with others, and carefully respond.