Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evolution of the Sloppy Copy

The sloppy copy is typically the draft, brainstorm, sketch of an idea.

It doesn't have to be perfect or highly detailed.

It's the beginning point.

As we move forward with any learning, that sloppy copy becomes more refined and sometimes reaches a point near perfection dependent on the value that idea holds.

There's a relativity related to "sloppy copy" as it can be really loose or look almost like a final draft.

With any endeavor, we have to think about the evolution from sloppy copy--where do we want to go and how close do we want to get to perfection? The more thoughtful, detailed, and thorough a piece is, often the better that piece will be revered, utilized, and shared.

Yet, at times, the serendipitous stroke of brilliance that is the sloppy copy captures our imagination and takes off to inspire many. But I believe that's a less common occurrence. More often than not good work takes time, evolves, and includes purposeful effort from beginning to end.