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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Establishing Math Routines: Speaking and Listening

At the end of last year when I analyzed the math program, I knew I needed to build in more routines for speaking and listening when it comes to the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs). So this year we start math class each day with three homework presentations. Students get up in the front of the room and present their homework completion to the class. The script goes something like this:

I'm _________________________. I'm presenting homework assignment ___________________. I made ____________ choice for practice, and here's how I completed the assignment (and enrichment if completed.)

The presentation lasts about two minutes per child, and each child gets to use the microphone which makes it fun. I assess their speaking and mathematical thinking skill as they present. The first rubric was too intense, so I'll make a new, simple presentation rubric to use--one that I can quickly fill out and send a copy of home with the child. The rubric will be focused on the positive side of learning and also include a student goal for future presentations.

I use a list to make sure that everyone has a chance to present regularly.