Saturday, September 26, 2015

Data Talks and RTI

Yesterday we began to discuss data results with regard to RTI and teaching well in general. In some ways, we all come at the data differently dependent upon our role and responsibility. This created a bit of passion and debate for some of us at the meeting (including me--are you surprised?)

It's not always easy discussing students' needs because we do bring different perspectives, goals, and mindsets to these meeting. In the end though if we all keep our focus on what's best for every child and how we can help each child develop with confidence, engagement, empowerment, and increased skill,  knowledge, and concept, we'll do our job well.

In light of this, what are our next steps?

Next week we'll give students many assessments. Those assessments will give us lots of data as to what math students now understand, how they approach the subject, where their strengths are, and where their challenges are related to math learning. This data will help us to set the course for each child and the program in general.

As I looked at initial data, many categories emerged including the following:
  • confidence and a sense of "I can do this" - some have it and some don't.
  • perseverance and stamina. It was interesting to see who persevered and who gave up easily.
  • focus. Again, this was interesting to see. Some had trouble sustaining focus.
  • knowledge, skill, and concept. Of course this varied for a large number of reasons.
Fortunately our team is filled with experienced, dedicated educators. Also our educator numbers are up this year due to a number of factors which will really help us to deliver the supports needed. Further the students have come to us well taught and cared for which gives us an eager group to teach.

Next week we'll make some flexible groups during RTI to provide some extra support and teaching outside of the core program. This will benefit every student. 

Also, I'll use this information and the meeting discussion to help me differentiate the core program as well.

The teaching/learning year has started and our collective experience, knowledge, skill, and desire to teach every child well will continue to lead us in positive directions. Onward.