Saturday, September 19, 2015

Changing the Way we Teach and Learn

This morning's #satchat inspired me to write. As educators from across the globe shared amazing apps and teaching ideas, I once again realized that we definitely have to change the way we teach and learn.

Today with the amazing and bountiful tools and resources available, the key is to teach students how to create, curate, and navigate learning paths to reach meaningful success.

There's lots to do in this regard, but here are a couple of starting events:
  • Talk to students about the opportunity to learn whatever they want in today's world, and see what they have to say. Chart the good ideas. Keep the conversation alive.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to share their favorite resources and avenues for learning.
  • Give open ended assignments with multiple choices for completion and learning.
  • Inspire questions, invention, and pursuit.
  • Tell the stories of creators, inventors, problem solvers by word of mouth, video, books, Hangouts, and more. 
This is a much more exciting, vibrant, and rich time to teach, but we have to change our systems, structures, roles, and mindset to do the work well. Please add to this post with comments and ideas so we can all move forward in this effort with greater effort and resolve.