Sunday, September 20, 2015

BIG Developments in Education: Learning Paths 2015-2016

Those with powerful tech connect are making tremendous change in education.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have multiple initiatives in the works that are transforming the way we learn and process information.

These changes are trickling down to grade school teachers and students worldwide, and these changes have tremendous potential if utilized well.

What does this mean for learning and teaching today?

It will mean the following:
  • Greater ability to prioritize information.
  • Greater share.
  • Greater accessibility to the experts
  • Deeper learning and integration across all disciplines
  • A new way of thinking about and interacting with information
These are critical changes in the world of learning and teaching, changes that I am thinking deeply about.

How are these changes affecting how you teach and learn in real time? What individual, school, and system changes are you making to reflect this potential? How are you and your colleagues thinking discussing this?

For me, I'm doing the following:
  • Creating Twitter lists related to my main areas of teaching/learning and adding the experts to those lists.
  • Maintaining a regular routine of reading, learning, sharing, and integrating new ideas, research, and study.
  • Collaborating online and off.
  • Trying out new ideas, venues, programs.
  • Keeping an open dialogue with the learning team (students, family members, colleagues, leaders, and community members) through a weekly newsletter, parent meetings, email, blog posts, discussion, and debate.
  • Getting involved in start-up education events and innovations.
The world of learning and teaching is transforming. Ideas that were only imagined years ago are a reality today. There is tremendous potential for better teaching and learning if we meet this information and share with a right attitude and effort. Let me know what you and your colleagues are doing in this regard. I'm curious.