Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weak Spot?

What's your weak spot?  Or better, weak spots?

How often do you make the time to sit down and think deeply about those parts of life where you're the weakest and most challenged.

These weak spots tend to reoccur time and again. Our loved ones are compassionate with us about these blemishes on our life path, and they may even joke about these sore spots sometimes.

Others may find our weak spots bothersome, frustrating, and cause for punishment, ridicule, or other harsh consequences.

We all have weak spots, and what makes these parts of our life weak is that they impede the good work, relationships, and life possible.

So what's one to do?

As I think a lot about the school year to come. I'm thinking about those weak areas of my professional life--the areas I truly want to develop in the year ahead. How will I do that?

First, fortunately my work with the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) will direct me towards facing those challenges head on. A quick review of the literature demonstrated that areas where I'm weak are not uncommon and there's coaching available for those areas via TLI.

Next, taking the time to be cognizant of those weak areas, writing them down, and reviewing the related literature often will help me to surpass these challenges. I identified a couple of great articles that I want to place by my coaching corner as reminders:

Finally, if we're observant and listening, we'll get reminders often about our weak areas from the reactions and words of those around us. We can use their signals to guide us away from those weak areas an into areas of strength and promise.

I'm a big fan of transparency, but with regard to my weak spots, I'll keep that list private for the most part, and spend some time today making a plan to strengthen that side of my professional repertoire. Onward.