Friday, August 28, 2015

Teaching is a Family Affair

A young woman sets up her classroom during the last days of vacation with her smiling baby in a front pack. Two young sons help their mom, a teacher, organize her classroom. Another teacher's dad, a retired educator, spends the day helping her set up her room. If you're a teacher, you know that teaching is a family affair.

My own husband has agreed to help me move furniture and set up the classroom over the weekend. In year's past, my sons have helped me teach, clean up the classroom, and lend support for curriculum/teaching ideas and prep. Similarly the book shelves are often filled with my children's hand-me down books, and the recess shelf includes their old games and toys.

Rarely does a teacher do the job without the support of his/her family. Family members often join their teacher family members to do the work required to teach well.

What does this say about our profession? Is this similar to the expectations and needs of most professions? Does this point to the fact that teaching is not just a profession, but a lifestyle too? I'm thinking about this, but in the meantime, I want to send gratitude to all those loving family members who are helping their teacher wives, husbands, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews prepare for the teaching/learning year ahead. We need you!