Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Big Think to Fall Daily Action

Today is the first day of school. Today marks the bridge from summer big think to fall daily action. It's time to apply the research, study, and thought of summer days.

The best way to do that is to create a pattern that gives you time to meet the goals you've set. What will your pattern look like?

For me, the pattern will mirror last year's pattern in a large part with the following elements:
  • Monday-Friday early mornings: research, reflect, and write.
  • Monday-Friday 8-4: Teach
  • Monday, Wednesday Evenings: Teach Teacher Candidates
  • Weekly co-moderating of #edchat
  • Weekly Gates grant work and TLI efforts
  • Monthly participation on Child Study Committee and Union meetings.
  • Periodic Professional Learning Events:
    • Malden #edcamp: October
    • System-wide Professional Learning Events
    • October 7 Lecture: FSU
I've also set aside some time for family, friends, and personal events and efforts. I'm looking forward to applying the big think of summer with the children and colleagues I teach and learn with. Onward.