Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shared Teaching/Learning: Google Forms Parent Survey

Most educators distribute a parent survey at the start of the year. The parent survey is a good way to collect the following information:
  • Parent/Guardian names
  • Parent/Guardian email addresses
  • Parent/Guardian concerns
  • Highlights of student strengths and needs
With a shared teaching/learning model, it's great to use Google forms for this survey. Why is this true?

First, Google forms provide easy share and access amongst the teaching/learning team. Also Google forms allow you to copy and sort the information in ways that inform teamwork and targeted student teaching efforts.

When you create your Google form, think about the information you hope to sort and make sure you collect information in that way. For example you will probably want to sort the following information:
  • Student last names
  • Teacher last names
  • Other?
Also, when you ask questions, don't ask the kinds of questions that are too personal requiring information that family members would not want to put online. In addition, give family members a chance to schedule an early meeting if they have information that's too personal or important for online share. Finally make sure that you have some hard copies of the survey available for families who don't have online access. You may input their hard copy information later so that your online list is complete.

Online parent surveys have the potential to develop greater team and better personalized instruction for every child. Do you use this Google tool, and if so, what would you add to this post?