Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day One: 2015

I like to visualize day one. I imagine it will go something like this:

Good Morning
The room will look fresh and inviting. The schedule will be posted prominently near the entrance. As students trickle in, I'll guide them to read the schedule and follow the initial directions:
  • Find your desk and organize your supplies.
  • Hang up your bag on a hook outside.
  • Start Morning Work: Review student handbook, illustrate, make notes.
  • Questions, concerns--make time to say hello to each student using his/her name and a brief conversation. 
  • Review morning routine
  • Review Attendance List
  • Review and take lunch count
  • Review and pass out schedule
  • Review introductory newsletter and home-school news/homework routines
  • Review handbook. Make sure students have parents sign last page and return to school the next day. 
  • Note to the Teacher: What do you wish I knew about you? A short note or letter to the teacher on some fun stationary or notecard. 
Time to have fun, snack, and reacquaint yourselves with friends and classmates.

Math (X3 classes)
  • Discuss STEAM and Teamwork
  • Set protocols
  • Review routines
  • Wrap-up, Questions