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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Big Think to Targeted Action: A Figure Eight Move

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Like skating a figure eight, my movement goes from big think to targeted action back and forth.


I always consult the big think to inform the targeted action as the big think affects what I can do in my classroom.

I want the work in my classroom to reflect the big think, but when working in the classroom I need to focus on the more narrow, targeted action of teaching each child well.

Once someone queried my "big think--targeted action" movement. I actually found that surprising and wanted to talk more as I've always thought that way. Due to time and other matters, I didn't feel comfortable pursuing the matter at that time. If you've read anything about this, or have thoughts on why this thought movement was questioned, let me know as I want to learn more about it to understand the question better.

In the meantime though, I think I've met the limit of big think for now, and I'm ready to prepare for the targeted action:
  • vacation time ("all work and no play makes a teacher dull.")
  • shared model team meeting
  • SRSD problem solving efforts and presentation
  • College and Career readiness preparation completion and presentation
  • room set up
  • first week's plans and prep
  • completion of other items on the 2015-2016 school year action chart
I wonder how other educators work with "big think--targeted action." How do they move from one to the other to effect best practice? Is there another way to think about this? Let me know what you think if you're inspired to do so.